Mom. Writer. Farmer.

Blogging:  Fitness Ideas.  Healthy Recipes.  Mommy Thoughts.  Farm Tales. 

Howdy and welcome to my blog!  

As you may well have gathered, I'm a mom,  writer and wanna-be farmer.  When not at my day job as a full-time financial systems analyst, my husband and I can be found in the dust of my whirlwind three year old daughter on our Homestead in western New Hampshire, working on the farm and growing a freelance writing business.  

My daily routine is the same as most - wake my daughter,  feed the family and pets (a high strung cattle dog and large orange cat), tend livestock (20+ chickens, a growing turkey flock, meat birds, pigs) and arrive at work relatively on time.  Somewhere in the midst of the morning madness includes packing a gym bag, lunches and managing to clothe myself!  

As with many moms, I'm constantly refining the balance between work, family, chores and time for myself (did I mention I like long-distance running and multi-sport races)?  

I like to cook my own food (usually healthy) and grow my own meat and vegetables (as much as possible).  I also really enjoy eating the food I've made, so it's a blasted good thing I like to exercise too!

Enough about me.  Let's talk about you and what you will find here:

  • Fitness Ideas - of the realistic variety
  • Healthy Recipes - and mentally healthy recipes
  • Mommy Thoughts- to take with a grain of salt
  • Farm Tales - how we did it are doing it

When you see a see something you like (which I hope is a lot!), please post, comment, tweet, pin, like, message and do whatever else the kids are doing these days!  There are many busy moms out there with lots of advice to contribute!  Let's help each other out!

PS - shameless plug below:

If you are interested in my Homestead blog chronicling the adventures and debacles of a growing farm (without all the other life stuff) , check out some of my posts at  Disclaimer: you'll find some of my blogs are cross-posted (hey - I'm one person after all!)

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